Shipping Heavy Equipment from California to New York: Essential Steps

If you need to transport heavy equipment from California to New York, our commercial transport
company is here to help. With 15 years of experience in the industry, we provide nationwide
transportation services for heavy equipment, and we understand the importance of your cargo and the
steps needed to ensure a safe transport.

  1. Assess Your Equipment Before transport, it’s essential to assess your equipment’s size, weight, and
    dimensions. This information helps us determine the best mode of transport, the necessary
    equipment, and any permits required for transport.
  2. Plan Your Route Once we have the necessary information about your equipment, we plan the best
    route for transport. We take into account factors such as road conditions, height and weight
    restrictions, and potential weather-related delays.
  3. Secure Your Equipment We use state-of-the-art equipment and secure tie-downs to ensure your
    heavy equipment is safely transported. Our team of experienced drivers is skilled at securing all
    types of heavy equipment, from bulldozers to cranes.
  4. Monitor Your Shipment We use the latest GPS technology to track your shipment’s progress
    throughout the transportation process. Our team provides regular updates on your shipment’s status
    and communicates any potential delays or issues.
  5. Delivery Our goal is to provide on-time delivery of your heavy equipment to its destination. We
    work with you to schedule pickup and delivery dates that are most convenient for you.
    Our pricing is competitive and includes all costs associated with your heavy equipment’s transportation,
    with no hidden fees. We are committed to transparency and customer service, and our goal is to provide
    you with a stress-free transportation experience.
    Contact us today for more information or to request a quote for shipping your heavy equipment from
    California to New York. Our team is here to help make your transport experience as smooth as possible.